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Dive Instructor Course August 2018

Aqua Vision’s next IDC will be starting in August, to get you certified as an instructor in time for the 2018 – 2019 dive season!

Earn your scuba instructor short!

Contact our IDC team Rod and Alexey by submitting the form below for more info or to reserve your space –

For the first four candidates – FREE accommodation at Aqua Vision’s Klong Muang Diver Dorm is included for the duration of the course!

Des Fuller is a special kind of customer.

Des Fuller is not just any ordinary customer, he is a man with many great life experiences behind him.

Des first emailed us here at S-6100 Aqua Vision, Krabi, Thailand about one month ago asking about doing the Padi Open Water diver course with us, we sent Des all the information and he chose to do the e-Learning option before coming to see us.
When Des arrived he had completed his e-Learning and breezed through the pool and Open Water dives and it wasn’t till after the course I learned about his diving past. Continue reading Des Fuller is a special kind of customer.

Great Low Season Diving

A question we are always asked at this time of year is “Can we go diving in the low season?”

The answer is always weather dependent all year round but the low season diving can be sometimes better than high season!

Both of these videos were taken in the last few weeks and show that there is a lot of beautiful marine life out there.

So don’t put off your holiday till the high season come right now in low season and get some great diving done.

We look forward to seeing you soon

What is technical diving?

Scuba divers get to explore parts of the world that most people will never have the opportunity of seeing other than maybe in a documentary. But even divers are sometimes limited to where they can go and what they can see. PADI TecRec courses can open up opportunities to experience new dive sites and areas beyond the recreational realm.PADI TEC REC logo Continue reading What is technical diving?

The Healthy Diver: Beat the Headache Blues


Post-dive headaches can ruin your vacation

The tranquil underwater world may put your mind at ease, but for many divers, the hours that follow can be one big headache. Don’t let throbbing pain put a damper on your next dive. Here’s a look at the most common culprits and how to head them off at the pass. Continue reading The Healthy Diver: Beat the Headache Blues

Working with Shark Guardian

Leopard Shark diving in Krabi Thailand.
A Leopard Shark helping to Promote Shark Awareness in Krabi Thailand.

The dive team at Aqua Vision are working together with the Shark Guardian organisation, and to assist them in their research, we are logging all of our dives, ( even the dives when we don’t encounter sharks provide useful info!) , at, so that they can get the right information about the numbers of sharks and rays in our local waters.

As Shark Guardian is a charitable organization, Aqua Vision are offering Shark Guardian merchandise for sale so that they can continue to do their great work, which is all about educating the younger and older generations that sharks are a vital part of the ocean eco-system and important for everyone’s future.

Shark Guardian and Aqua VisionCall into the Aqua Vision Dive Center in Ao Nang to pick up a Shark Guardian t-shirt or wristband, and help save the Sharks while looking cool at the same time.


Whale Shark / Manta Ray Diving in Krabi, Thailand.

The Andaman Sea is famous for mega fauna encounters with giant manta rays and whale sharks, we have made around 30 trips to the world famous Hin Daeng / Hin Muang dive sites between October 2013 and April 2014.

The sites are in the open ocean a distance of about 100 km from Ao Nang, and are located within 500 meters of each other. Here you can see everything that lives in Southeast Asia, all varieties of reef fauna; barracuda, trevally, large groupers, giant moray eels, stingrays, leopard sharks, beautiful corals and anemones.

And of course, what makes these sites famous all over the world are regular visits by whale sharks and manta rays. Manta rays come to the reefs to use the cleaning stations, and from November to April, you can usually see several of them circling around the reefs at shallow depths!

This season these sites have been chock full of mantas, and quite often whale sharks too.  We are hoping for another successful season with manta rays and whale sharks for 2014/2015, and we hope that you are on one of these special trips to see these magnificent creatures with us.

Manta Ray in Krabi Thailand
Another Manta encounter in Krabi Thailand
Manta Ray Krabi Thailand
Manta Ray with divers at Hin Muang, Krabi

Contact us for more details on the scheduled and itinerary.

Ao Nang Local Islands

Sea Horse in Krabi
Sea Horse, Ao Nang “Local” Islands – June 2014
Small Colourful Reef Life at the Ao Nang Local islands. June 2014

The Ao Nang “Local” islands are a wonderful pearl in the Andaman sea, largely forgotten by guidebooks and magazines, and often sadly overlooked by divers and even some dive centers who prefer to visit the more famous and mass market sites at Phi Phi.

The Local islands are however great sites for all levels of diver, and are especially suited to macro life which make them a great place for UW photographers, with  many species of nudi-branchs and seahorses, as well as the chance for juvenile nurse sharks and bamboo sharks.  If Macro isn’t your bag, there are also large schools of juvenile reef fish to be seen, as well as all other reef visitors, and on rare occasions even whale sharks have been spotted visiting the sites.

Colorful Nudibranch at the Ao Nang Local Islands – June 2014

Although the visibility can be lower than the deeper water sites, it has improved over recent years since most of the construction and development projects near to the shoreline are finished, and if you’re lucky and plan your visit properly (best when the tides are mild), you might even get better vis (and definitely less crowded diving) than the dive-sites further away.

For more info on good times to visit check out the tide tables for the area at;
Ao Nang Tide Tables