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scuba divers in ThailandSpeedboat Scuba Diving & Snorkel Tours: If you don’t want to spend 10+ hours on a slow boat just to do two dives, if you’d rather spend your time snorkeling, swimming and diving than traveling, or if you have family and don’t want to be away for an entire day then speedboat diving is the way to go!

Dive at the best dive sites in Krabi, get there and back in half the time and have the option of a third dive or to spend some time exploring Phi Phi’s famous beaches on Aqua Visions exclusive Speedboat tours.

Fully inclusive of tanks, weight belt and weights, dive-guide, snorkeling equipment for non divers, packed lunch, drinking-water. fresh fruit.

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  1. Dear sir or Madam,
    I am a CMAS silver (**) Diver with 102 dives. I am traveling through Thailand backpacker style but I would love to do a few dives and see Mantas (and Whalesharks or at least one of the two) while I am in Thailand. Is this possible from Krabi at the Moment? I have my Certificate and Computer with me and I can arrive in a little over a week, if you have dive sites for this.

    Thank you very much

    Kai Daniels

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